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Maya Goded

One of the best Latino-American photographers and documentary filmmakers. She has been working the topics of sexuality, prostitution and violence towards women for a while. Her work is very up close and intimate. Raw but with the purpose of showcasing who these women are and how nasty they are treated by the Mexican macho society.

Some of the images I'm showing here are from the Welcome to Lipstick series.  From my research, I found these were taken in an area that used to be kind of populated but it is now a place not many people dare to visit. It's a 'Red District' were crime, prostitution and drug addiction is the normal. That guy in the images with chest tattoos looks so malevolous, and the other dude tattooing without gloves tells you this place must be really tough.

I'm impressed because her work makes you think, without judging, about what they do and under what circumstances. I don't really care about how they earn a living because that is their own business but I wonder who they are as human beings. What is this place? Why are they there? What made them do what they do? Did they ever had a choice for another life?...and of course I'm most interested in the motives for getting those tattoos.

For more of her amazing photography and to learn about her upcoming film projects you can visit her website at

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Laure Geerts

Sharing just a few diverse images of this cool photographer from Belgium I recently found. She's part of the Caravane Collective, a photography group based in Brussels. What draw me to her work are the colors. Those pinks, blues and greens giving me a 70's Kodachrome vibe but they are not of course. If I'm correct most of her work was made in prisons and I can relate with her interest in the subject. During my research I found an interview from one of my favorite websites,, where she states that her interest is in photographing marginalized people to try and understand what's their actual reality.

You can check out the complete series on her website and only hope she keeps putting more work out there because is great.

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Patricia Aridjis

From the Black Hours Project. A documentary photo series about incarcerated women in Mexico. I found online that during one of her visits one of the prisoners beg her to take an image of her because that was the only way she could leave that place. Powerful work indeed. There're many other images but these were the ones I preferred to show because of the tattoos of course and the strong imagery and feeling you get from them. I hope they are doing well, god bless them all.


September 3, 2016 Comments Off on PINK LIPS


Pink Lips Tattoos in Nigeria

Wow man. I just found out about this tattooing trend in Lagos, Nigeria. Men in the city tattoo their lips with pink or red because it makes them more attractive to women. The end result looks very strange to me but it's fascinating how people come up with weird things like this for the sake of beauty. If they feel awesome good for them. The cost is around $30 bucks and the tattooers get between 7 and 10 clients per day.

There are more videos of the subject on YouTube. This one is part of a mini documentary from the guys at BattaBox, Nigeria's coolest news and entertainment video platform. Lots of great content about Nigeria's vibrant culture on that site. Check them out!

August 18, 2016 Comments Off on CHARLES GATEWOOD


Rolling Stones Penis-Hollywood-1978-Charles Gatewood

Charles Gatewood-Jimmy Booth-NY-1976

Charles Gatewoods- Woman with pills bra

Charles Gatewood- vintage photography

Charles Gatewood-biker with face tattoo


Charles Gatewoods-NY weirdo- photography

Charles Gatewood- film rock and roll photography

Charles Gatewood

Big publishers call him the photographer of the extreme but I call him the photographer of the free spirited men and women. Damn, how much I wish I had the chance to experience the era of the 70s and 80s were people didn't really give a fuck about what others thought regarding their fashion, political views, way of thinking and just about their general ways of living.

These are just a few of my favorite and you can't really define his work with just these images but I really encourage you to do a Google search. Or go to a college library or something and try to look for the rest of his work. I have a full time job and still get to manage to spent hours and hours researching the stuff I'm passionate about which are photography, shitty tattoos, vintage boots, skate, surf, and rock and roll life!

Thanks a lot for checking all of this out and don't forget to say hi on Insta.

August 7, 2016 Comments Off on PANCA DWINANDHIKA


Bless This Mess

Check out the new documentary of Indonesian friend Panca Dwinandhika. He was kind enough to share it with me so people in this area of the world could see it so thanks a lot man. I really liked the background and history of the prison tattoo culture. The homemade tattoo machines, the individual profiles and crudeness of the tattoos. Hope many more people can enjoy this piece of independent work like I did.

Bless you dude and thanks again.



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sean-kernan-ass-tattooSean-Kernan-hand tattoosean-kernan-hand-tattoo-not bueno clubsean-kernan-heroin-prison tattoosean-kernan-inmate-photographysean-kernan-not bueno clubsean-kernan-photo-inmate-backsean-kernan-prison-artSean-Kernan-prisoner with mirror-filmsean-kernan-prisoner-scars-not bueno clubSean Kernan-homemade tattooSean Kernan-mom tattoo

Sean Kernan

Poorly made tattoos, body scars, heroin, solitude and sadness. These are late 1970's images from the series 'In Prison'. Doing some research I found out that the very first time the photographer shot inside a correctional facility was by mere coincidence. He was driving back home to New York from a failed personal assignment when he saw this random prison along the road and decided to just ask if he could photograph it. To his surprise, and against all odds, he was granted permission and came up with an amazing body of work. It's interesting to note he had previously seen Danny Lyon's classic prison photographs but other than that he knew nothing about life behind bars. He took the images without any kind of preconceived idea or plan for them and end up capturing pretty well the essence of individuals surviving in an extremely tough environment.

For more of his work check out his website at

July 9, 2016 Comments Off on RAUL GOYCOOLEA


Tatuajes Cárcel

Tatuajes Cárcel

Tatuajes Cárcel

Tatuajes Cárcel

Tatuajes Cárcel

Tatuajes Cárcel

Tatuajes Cárcel

Tatuajes Cárcel

Tatuajes Cárcel

Tatuajes Cárcel


Raul Goycoolea

These are a few of my favorite images of this great photojournalist I recently discovered while researching prison tattoos. He specializes in photo reportages and portraits. The subjects in the images are convicts or former inmates from a prison in Valparaiso, Chile.

What fascinates me is the crudeness of the tattoos. I like the fading blacks and unrefined line work. The imagery with pinups, the ever classic reapers and spider webs never get boring. I have to say I really dislike cat tattoos but I wonder what's the story behind the guy with one on his neck above the 'Vida' tattoo (which means life in Spanish).

For more great work do not hesitate and visit his website. The Tumblr is killer too.

June 18, 2016 Comments Off on KENNETH PAIK


homemade tattoo-Kenneth Paik-photography

Homemade tattoo-Kenneth Paik

"Everybody has them it don't hurt."Homemade-tattoos-Kenneth Paik

Homemade-tattoo-Kenneth Paik
Kenneth Paik-docu photography-not-bueno-club

Kenneth Paik-classic photography-not-bueno-club

Kenneth Paik-documentary photo-not-bueno-club

Kenneth Paik-documentary photography-not-bueno-club

Kenneth Paik-vintage photography-not-bueno-club

little badass-Kenneth Paik-documentary photography

Kenneth Paik

It's so nice to have found this amazing photographer. He was a Korean American journalist who emigrated from Seoul in 1963 and set home in Kansas. It was in this state where he developed this touching reportage. Of course the homemade tattoos is what I like but the subjects instantly intrigued me. They are so young and you can tell they were already little badasses.

The images were taken in a low income community named Mulky Square that was being affected by displacement due to the development of a state highway. No wonder the toughness of these kids maybe? The story resonates with me because when I was growing up my grandmother had to leave the property she raised my dad due to the same reason. The local authorities paid my grandma nothing for the beautiful house I misbehaved so many times growing up and a new road was born.

It was in this same house were I first tasted beer to the hands of my father when I was about the same age of that kid in the image above of the dad giving a sip to his son. It was this same house where I first found and took out 2 grown weed plants with my barehands at age 10. The same house my passion for tattoos started while looking at my dad's badass Sailor Jerry tattoos on his back from when he was at the Navy.

I'm interested in the freedom of thought I can sense from the images. How these kids were tattooing themselves. They were just going for it without thinking about a polished design. No machine, just whatever they could invent to poked themselves. They look so free and their mentality blows my mind. How they assured tattoos were painless. You don't get to see that attitude anymore man.

I would love to see how the tattoos look today. What these people may be doing. What's their story now, and how their past influenced the person they are today.

For more images check out my source. It was taken from the American writer Tom Clark's blog Beyond Pale.



May 20, 2016 Comments Off on Massimo Branca

Massimo Branca

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 7.15.04 PMMassimo Branca- photojournalismMassimo Branca-black-tattooingMassimo Branca-black-tattoosMassimo Branca-homemade-tattoosMassimo Branca-homemade-tattoos-punk-tattoosMassimo Branca-junkie-photographyMassimo Branca-Not-Bueno-ClubMassimo Branca-photographyMassimo Branca-photography-black tattoosMassimo Branca-punk-tattoos-homemade-tatsMassimo Branca-tattoo-photoScreen Shot 2016-05-20 at 7.14.14 PM

Massimo Branca

Inside Outside Under Bucharest series. This is my second post on the Sewer Kids. The first one was about the work of Romanian photojournalist Radu Ciorniciuc. This time is by an up and coming photographer I recently discovered by the name of Massimo Branca.

I found him while looking into different festivals around the world and came up with the Lumix Festival in Germany. A cool event focused on young documentary and photojournalism photographers. Looking around the site, I pretty quickly recognized the subjects on his work. The Sewer Kids are a group of homeless people that are just trying to survive and live under the streets of Bucharest following the rules of their punk leader.

They are one of the most marginalized communities in all Europe. Massimo lived in the streets with them for 2 years where he experienced and documented the extreme living conditions where these forgotten people live. The purpose of the work is to start a conversation of their issues like drug addiction, abandonment, physical abuse and homelessness. Issues that also happen to affect us all on a worldwide level. This kind of work looks to remind people living in a bubble that they may be in a good position today but life is uncertain and full of surprises. Tomorrow you may be the one who'll end up in a similar situation.