March 4, 2017 Comments Off on Aleluya!


Tattoo photography blog

I finally have the website up. This project has never been and will never be your traditional tattoo photography blog. This is all about honest tattoos but check the other sections for more on that. I hope to keep posting consistently and sharing the stuff I find while doing one of the things I enjoy the research.

This time around though I want to use the platform to also share when my favorite tattooers from all over will be in town, also punk and art shows among many other things. I want to thank all the friends and others from around the world who have been sharing really amazing stuff with me. Special thanks to my namesake Raphael Lopez for the sick video from Cannes in the About section. This dude has the same name as I so no wonder has such great taste!

Check him out! @_rien__a__foutre_