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Maya Goded

One of the best Latino-American photographers and documentary filmmakers. She has been working the topics of sexuality, prostitution and violence towards women for a while. Her work is very up close and intimate. Raw but with the purpose of showcasing who these women are and how nasty they are treated by the Mexican macho society.

Some of the images I'm showing here are from the Welcome to Lipstick series.  From my research, I found these were taken in an area that used to be kind of populated but it is now a place not many people dare to visit. It's a 'Red District' were crime, prostitution and drug addiction is the normal. That guy in the images with chest tattoos looks so malevolous, and the other dude tattooing without gloves tells you this place must be really tough.

I'm impressed because her work makes you think, without judging, about what they do and under what circumstances. I don't really care about how they earn a living because that is their own business but I wonder who they are as human beings. What is this place? Why are they there? What made them do what they do? Did they ever had a choice for another life?...and of course I'm most interested in the motives for getting those tattoos.

For more of her amazing photography and to learn about her upcoming film projects you can visit her website at