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May 20, 2016 Comments Off on Massimo Branca

Massimo Branca

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Massimo Branca

Inside Outside Under Bucharest series. This is my second post on the Sewer Kids. The first one was about the work of Romanian photojournalist Radu Ciorniciuc. This time is by an up and coming photographer I recently discovered by the name of Massimo Branca.

I found him while looking into different festivals around the world and came up with the Lumix Festival in Germany. A cool event focused on young documentary and photojournalism photographers. Looking around the site, I pretty quickly recognized the subjects on his work. The Sewer Kids are a group of homeless people that are just trying to survive and live under the streets of Bucharest following the rules of their punk leader.

They are one of the most marginalized communities in all Europe. Massimo lived in the streets with them for 2 years where he experienced and documented the extreme living conditions where these forgotten people live. The purpose of the work is to start a conversation of their issues like drug addiction, abandonment, physical abuse and homelessness. Issues that also happen to affect us all on a worldwide level. This kind of work looks to remind people living in a bubble that they may be in a good position today but life is uncertain and full of surprises. Tomorrow you may be the one who'll end up in a similar situation.

May 15, 2016 Comments Off on DONALD WEBER


Old and tired Russian criminal with tattoos.

Amazing back piece Russian criminal tattoo.

Pantless gentleman with blue shirt and prisoner tattoos.

Two Russian criminals with chest tattoos

Awesome reaper tattoo.

Frontal portrait with low light. Chest criminal tattoo.

Low light frontal portrait photograph.

Guys mixing crystal meth in their own Russian style.

Crystal meth addicts mix up a batch of drugs for their use, 'Russian Style'. A dose lasts typically 24 hours, allowing them to stay up all night and day to party. An average dose of speed is less than two dollars. Source: Donald Weber / VII Network

Side portrait photograph of a Russian tattooed criminal.

Feet criminal tattoo.


Young criminal with religious tattoo.

Hand tattoo photograph.

Criminal with prisoner tattoos and knife.

Donald Weber

Amazing photo series documenting Zeks, or thief's, in the Russian criminal world. I'm just fascinated with the symbolism of prison tattoos and the many creative ways people use to design and tattoo under scarce resources. For being kind of home made tattoos the end result is so raw, direct and powerful. 

I encourage you to check out the rest of Donald's work. It's interesting how he focus his photography on the effects of world power. Back in 2010 he investigated the way Ukranian police would verbally and physically abuse people being interrogated in order to get information from them. The idea behind the study was that these kind of power play issues are something more universal, something that actually happen everywhere around the world and not just on stereotyped locations.

He is represented by VII, one of the best photojournalism organizations. Visit them! Take a look and be inspired by the rest of their amazing roster of photographers.